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Volume VI
Judgement Interest Calculator

*  IMPORTANT:  It is getting harder and harder to find a "list" of small claims (conciliation) cases.  I used to go to the MN court house records department for conciliation court.  They had an actual books listing of all of their cases - organized by date.  I would write down 20-30 case numbers from that book onto a notebook. 

I then would take my notebook to their desktop computer in the same area and look up each of the 20-30 cases by case number one by one looking for ones that I want to work on (the dollar amount, and type of case I want to work on (staying away from family court cases and child support cases).      I sometimes get specific case information from having my website on the internet where judgment creditors come to me with their case information.


* IMPORTANT 1a:  REFUND POLICY: Once I ship it or I send you download link by email or I start creating your website template there aren't any refunds or returns or exchanges or credit because copies could be made and then you would end up getting it for free if I allowed refunds after its sent or my work has started.  

* IMPORTANT 1b:  There are about 3,141+ counties in the US and 50 states.  I have collected in two states successfully and as of 12/2021 I have fully or partially collected a lot of judgments so far.  Some states (yours could be included) make it easy to collect and some make it hard or seemingly impossible to collect a judgment using the court systems.  But what I teach works for many states/counties.  If it is difficult in your state, work on judgments in another state and the internet makes this possible.

* IMPORTANT 1c: Some counties are shut partially or fully down due to Covid-19 (China virus).  Sometimes courts have a hold on garnishing wages or bank accounts and more.   There are about 3,141 counties in the US and I can’t help if a county is temporary closed not allowing you to do some of the steps in this system including going in and getting small claims court records.   But I don't have to go to the court myself most of the time (approx 90%) because I get the small claims court records online via the court database or they might even have a CD to sell you.   I also try to work with the debtor and explain how their credit can be affected with a judgment against them for employment, car loans, mortgages and more (see my system for more details) and how paying the debt off can help them a lot.

* IMPORTANT 1d: Shipping $10.00 because I am sending it by the US Post Office Priority Mail with a tracking number that I will send you the tracking number by email once it is shipped.

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PS:  The paperback book is sold by Amazon and its electronic copy is sold by Kindle, and the paperback book is 8"x10" in size of just the main course.  The paperback and the (CD, Flash, Download) contain the main course, but the (CD, Flash, Download) contain Everything else, all the forms, notes and software. 

**The Download is not an "instant" download.  This is because people (hackers) were digging through the website code in order to get the download for free, but I will send you the link as soon as I notice the order was placed, which can be within a few minutes or hours or the next business day at the latest. 

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Reduce the judgment you owe by 50%

As seen on Amazon.com Kindle
and BarnesAndNoble.com

The Download is NOT an "instant" download.  This is because people (hackers) were digging through the website code in order to get the download for free, but I will send you the link as soon as I notice the order was placed and I pick up the Western Union, which can be a day or two depending on time and day of the week you placed it. 

Please send me an email after your order asking for it then I can reply to your email and you should get it quicker.  CHECK your bulk or spam folder for my email.   Download is approx. 5.5 megs.   You can also call me to let me know you placed an order.

The Paperback book versions and also the Kindle versions only contain the main training course.

You need to purchase the complete system to get the main training course and also ALL the forms, notes, documentation, software in addition to the main training course.

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This is Volume VI (replaces volume I, II, III, IV and V).. This is a NEW and improved version V. This book is the main course of a training system, it is a 289 page paperback book updated for 2024/2025 and beyond.

The most common judgments you can collect are from Small Claims Court, and a common type is the Landlord VS Tenant judgment but there are so many more. This bad economy creates more judgments every day.

I would like to welcome you to the exciting business of judgment collections. Whether you are doing it to collect judgment owed to yourself OR you want to make money helping others collect money owed to them. By purchasing this system is your first step into this lucrative way to make money from your home or from an office.

Collecting money judgments for others is in demand. Not too many people know how to do this. This is a great service for your clients that once they start getting some of their money back they will use your services again and also spread the word by "word of mouth" to others which is the best way to grow your business without advertising.

There is also a CD that contains all of the forms, notes, software and documents you probably will ever need. The CD is purchased separately at www.JudgmentCenter.com.

Do you want people coming to you with their own judgments to collect? I can create a website similar to this one to collect your own judgment leads.

This book is main part of the training system. We also offer a CD or Flash or Download (purchased separately) that contains an Adobe .pdf version of this book with click-able links in it. The CD ALSO contains the forms, software, notes and other information that you should ever need. Purchase the CD at www.JudgmentCenter.com

www.JudgmentCenter.com was started in 1999 by Steve Cook who was a landlord who had to sue an ex-tenant. Now Steve operates as a judicial judgment processor in the business of collecting money owed to plaintiffs awarded money judgments and Steve is still a landlord.

About the author:
Founded by Steve Cook who is also the author and publisher of this program.

Steve has lots of years of experience in his past as all of the following:
1) Real Estate Experience:
2) Real estate landlord
3) Licensed real estate agent
4) Mortgage loan officer
5) Judgment Collector
6) Employee of credit bureau score company for 6.4 years.

How Steve personally started collecting judgments:

As a landlord in 1989, I had to sue an ex-tenant in small claims (conciliation court). I won, but they didn't pay. So I started researching on ways to get them to pay. I kept good notes. Then when I had to go to small claims court a 2nd time for another landlord/tenant problem (which I won that time also) and I expanded on my original notes.

Later when I talked to another landlord and I told him about my two successful times I won and also collected from ex-tenants he asked me to collect his small claims court award.

And that is when I started researching how to collect someone else's judgments without having to get a collection license or permit. In 1997 I started working for a credit bureau score company as a full time employee and I worked there nearly 6.5 years. I learned a lot of ways to find someone and also find their assets. I added this information to my other documentation I have been writing since I first had to sue an ex-tenant.

Throughout the years I developed a judgment collection system for myself and for you, upgrading and updating it yearly ever since. My years of experience are now in one nice judgment recovery home study class/course/system.

       buy now    Judgment Collection Training System.

   Judgment Collection Training Course.  Learn how to collect judgments.

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Real Life Scenario
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4)  Are there many unsatisfied judgments?
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A Complete Judgment Collection Training Course
Learn how to collect judgements for money
Collect on your judgement  Judgment recovery training
Judgment recovery course   judgement recovery system
Make money with your judgement recovery training

Make money from home collecting other peoples judgments for money (actually you can get a split of the money collected: usually its 50/50).

Home based business collecting other peoples judgments.

FREE with every purchase:   "Secrets of Credit Scores". 
Ex-Credit Score company employee tells all he knows...  (more info)

Buy The Judgment Recovery Training Course and System Now!

A Complete Judgment collection Training Course
Learn how to collect judgements for money
Collect on your judgement 

Make money with your judgement Collections training

Buy The Judgment Collections Training Course and System Now!

A complete judgement collection training course (259 page paperback book and forms, notes, software, comments all on CD).   How To Make A Fortune Collecting Judicial Judgments explains in depth how to locate and levy banks accounts.  They're all explained in How To Make A Fortune Collecting Judicial Judgments.  when you're ready for serious judgment recovery instruction, try How To Make A Fortune Collecting Judicial Judgments by judgement collection


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judgment collection training course.    judgement collection training system.

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The Complete Step-by-Step Course to the Judgment Recovery Business
Judgment Recovery is not merely a fascinating home-based business. It is also a much needed service to every community. Isn't that the secret to business success -- finding a niche that is common sense, interesting, and doable, as well as meeting community's needs?

You've looked at other Home-Based Businesses, and now you are looking at this one. Why is this business so different? Because every year billions of dollars of court awarded money judgments go uncollected. They are uncollected because the court can't force a debtor pay. And the plaintiff who won the case doesn't know how to make the person pay.

However, there are powerful legal and investigative tools available for recovering this judgment money.

Judgment Recovery isn't regular "debt collection," because you will actually have a court order that says the person owes this money. And you have legal and investigative tools to locate this money and other assets and seize them.

You can have that great part-time business you've always wanted

Judgment Recovery is not a "get rich quick" business. If you've been told that, you have been misinformed. If you've seen sites that say "No computer necessary" and "You don't even have to get dressed," then someone is certainly stretching the facts.

What are the facts? That Judgment Recovery is a practical business you can jump into or grow into, for either part-time or full-time income. You can make anywhere from $500 a month extra to $5000 a month extra, part time.

Or, it can become your full-time profession,
earning you much, much more.

As in any business, you need the right tools. That's what this Step-by-Step Course provides. Look at this scenario, and put yourself in the position of the Judgment Recovery Specialist (JRS):

Look at this scenario, and put yourself in the position of the
Judgment Recovery Specialist (JRS):

John Creditor is a nice guy. He lends $5000 to his brother-in-law, Bob Debtor, so he can purchase a car. But Bob doesn't pay him back.

So, John Creditor goes to small Claims Court and wins a judgment for $5,000.00. He is ecstatic! Now comes the big surprise. Bob debtor doesn't have to pay. John has to make him pay. And John doesn't know how.

John turns to you for help. You're the one in your community with the knowledge and skill to do it.

What can you do as a Judgment Recovery Specialist? As a J.R. Specialist, you know how to locate where Bob works and garnish his wages, locate where he banks and seize the money, put a lien on his home, and take his car to be auctioned. And, if he has a business, you know how to have the sheriff sit there and collect money form the customers, make his clients pay you directly instead of him…and much, much more.

You may be wondering how you get the judgment into your name. After all, you're not an attorney. At first you're not that familiar with courts.

Well, every state has a provision where the Original Judgment Creditor (the plaintiff who won the money judgment) can assign the rights, title and interest in his judgment to another person. He can assign it to you. In effect, you now own the judgment.

That means you are the new Creditor. Of course there is a contingency arrangement where you return to the Original Judgment Creditor a percentage of what you recovery. Typically that percentage is 40% to 50%. And the Original Creditor is happy to assign it. He's not getting anywhere, and wants you to take over and use your skills.

So, using the above case, here's what happens.

John Creditor assigns the judgment to you--the Judgment Recovery Specialist. You are now the new Judgment Creditor. You use your skills and special 'private investigator' sites to locate his workplace, and his assets. Using the tools from this course, You then collect the money, and pay John his percentage. Now he's really happy. You keep your percentage, and move on to your next case.

That's how it works.

I wish I could say that six figures a year is an "easy" six figures, but it's not. It take hard work for that income. And you can make that much only if you have the same motivation and drive that that it takes. If you have less time, you may make less. It's still a great part-time income.

This Step-by-Step Course that will take you through to the advanced level .

This Step-by-Step Course is the most comprehensive and up-to-date course available anywhere. It is written by me.

Judgment Recovery courses have been available for 10+ years. When I started my own business -- I started it as a landlord where I owned 6 hours of which 5 were rentals. I then had a tenant move out and didn't pay their final water/sewer bills so I sued them in small claims court, but they never paid until I garnished their wages from Pizza Hut. Other courses on the internet are tailored only for the beginning phase of your business.

I know you can outgrow this beginning phase in a short time. This is why I designed his Step-by-Step Course to include comprehensive advanced materials as well. This is the only course geared for the average person that starts with step one and takes you carefully through each of the professional procedures you will likely encounter.

What does your course include?

Step-by-Step instructions on how to get court judgments into your name.
Secrets about locating even more judgments from your desk.
A professional Web site "template" for your business. You can literally get up and running in a day.
How to know which judgments are the best ones to accept. (Hosting and domain name is extra)
(This is where beginners usually make time-consuming mistakes)
Step-by-step procedures—beginning to advanced—on how to effectively enforce these judgments!
Also ...
Full instructions for setting up a SMART OFFICE—step by step.
How to go from part-time to full-time. And should you?
Information about which "Private Investigator" databases are the best, and how to subscribe to them.
How to create spin-off businesses for even higher income!

Judgement Collection training course

Please note: While judgment enforcement laws are similar from state to state, some states are better for this business than other states.




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