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How To Make Money
Collecting Judgments
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Judgment Collection Training System
(book and system were updated to version VI in July)
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Judgment Interest Calculator
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Real Life Scenario
3)  What is a Judgment?

4)  Are there many unsatisfied judgments?
5)  How did I start collecting judgments?
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This is a complete Judgment training system to teach you to collect judgments for others - for money. 

Main Judgement Course is well written judgement collection training manual (choice of paperback or 3-ring notebook) and also a CD Rom that contains all the forms, documentation, software and notes.   Table of Contents  

Free Upgrades: of main .pdf document for life....if you purchase the download option 

1)  Print:  Choice of either:
      3-ring notebook (or) Paperback book
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Main system includes EVERYTHING
      ALL forms, documents, software and notes
3)  Download: 
includes everything on the CD/Flash,
      but you get it as a download

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~ Judgment Collection Training Course ~

Can I make money collecting judgements from home?

Can I make money collecting judgments from home?

Is there a way to make money collecting judgements from home?

Is there a way to make money collecting judgments from home?
Earn a lot of Money From Home.  Maybe you can even quit your full time job.  Out of work?  You can collect judgments while you are looking for work.