Generate your own judgment leads

Judgment template - get your own website

85 page website $120:    

There are two steps to take:

1)  Pick out what domain name you want.  Make sure its unused.
Need help?  Just ask...

2)  Pay for your website below by clicking on the Buy Now link.

Website Sample:  Click Here


What you get:  

1)   I do everything for you, you just have to pick out a website name that isn't already being used
(I can help)
2)   Your own website that looks like mine1 (see example).
3)   Customized with your contact information. 
4)   Developed and hosted for 1 year using this template.
5)   Your own email address
(you can have several of them.  Have one for each "departments" for your company).
6)   It is a Mobile Friendly website
(it will have the same look and feel whether you are on a desktop, laptop, tablet or cell phone)  It is not a responsive website.  Info.

Only $45 a year renewal thereafter (subject to change) to host the website, renew the domain name and continued use of the website and also the email address.

1Of course the name will change, and so will the contact information.   I only know very simple HTML (which means I can only do simple website changes). I donít have any graphic design skills at all thus I donít have the ability to make changes to pictures, buttons or banners.  Text changes are easy to make and I will do them for free.  I can make changes to the background color and can do so for a small fee ($20).   If you have graphic design skills, I can zip up a file of all the pictures, buttons and banners and you can make the changes and send them back to me (and I could test them, and if good then upload them for a small upload/test fee), but you can not make any changes to the sizes of the pictures, buttons or banners.

You will have to find an unused domain name and I can help.  Just ask (send me an email)

Maybe website name like:


You can also mail your payment to me.   Make check or money order out to





maybe go to
and just see if its available.  Don't do the transfer or even order it, just see if it is available.